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Default Re: Using 3rd party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro Tools

i had some trouble with the Roland SC-880.., (i eventually had to remove device from midi studio and create it again to stop it from crashing evrytime I tried to open the patch list) I have found both midnam and middev files in the protools files.., I have read through all the thread and nowhere do you say (with all respect) where to put the .middev file or if the middev and midnam file go into the same 'MacHD>Library>Audio>MIDI Patch Names>' folder, or are they copied and pasted as one file and then placed in the MacHD>Library>Audio>MIDI Patch Names> folder.., or do you copy the middev script and paste it in the texteditor as a separate file, separate from the file with the lists of .middev scripts.

what I need to know is where do and how do.., the .middev

the midnam. I understand goes into the 'MacHD>Library>Audio>MIDI Patch Names>' folder

thanks for any help.
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