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Default Re: Using 3rd party MIDI Patch Name files in Pro Tools

re: Yamaha TYROS

- Do you have a list of the banks of presets?
- Do you know what the bank select codes (MSB/LSB or cc00/cc32) are used to recall the banks over MIDI?

If you have this, I can make you the patch list using CherryPicker in almsot as much time as it's taken to write this message.

Happy to do it for you if you can track down the above.

Thank you so much for your response have made my day.
The TYROS Manual makes no reference at all to "Bank Sel Codes MSB/LSB...however I don't think all is lost. I also own a PSR9000 (predecessor to Tyros) which has a much more detailed manual and happens to have the MSB / LSB codes for all the voices.

When checking this against the Tyros list I have I realised (as a lot of the voices/codes are the same ...that the coding in my last post actually includes the MSB / LSB coding...

example...."PIANO BANK * 11"
(0 113 0 ) [001 ] Grand Piano
Reading the numbers from left to right.........0=MSB code (all tyros voices have 0 as MSB code)
113=LSB code
0=MIDI change programme no.
[001]=Category order ....the order that the voice appears on kbd display

Assuming that this is the info you require I will e-mail you the TYROS list I have.....if you forward a mail add. to ""

I would be most graeful for your assistance..
best regards
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