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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

For those of you thinking about upgrading, renewing, etc., you can save about 10% today and tomorrow with Sweetwater's Gift Card deal.

Basically, at Sweetwater, you buy a gift card (e-gift or regular), and they add 10% of the value to it.

So in my case I did the PT Ultimate renewal plan, which is $399. After calculating, I bought an e-gift card for $363, which added the 10% value, making it equal $399.30. I waited about 5 minutes to get the e-gift card code emailed to me.

Then I went on the site again, and bought my PT Ultimate renewal with the gift card code as payment. I then was emailed the activation code a few minutes later, and entered the code in my Avid account, and my plan was renewed and up to date thru 2020.

HOWEVER, one thing to note, I did not realize that Sweetwater now automatically applies sales tax based on where you live (they must have changed this recently). So what you want to actually do, is figure out what your product will cost with that tagged on (just add to cart, get to the payment page where the amount will show, and then back out and remove from cart). So what I should have done was a gift card for something like $388, which then would have added 10% and brought me to what I needed to be ($425.93). Instead, the difference was just charged to my normal saved credit card.

So if you're going to do this, be sure to factor in the sales tax.

I realize Avid has run 20% off specials in the past, but it may be a while before they do that again, so this method at least gives you almost 10% off for those of you trying to make a decision based on this new information.

Just to review, you first buy the e-gift card as one completed transaction, wait a few minutes to get the gift card code emailed to you, then go on again and buy your PT renewal/upgrade/whatever using the gift card code as payment.

Please note that this gift card special through Sweetwater has already been going a week or two, and is only lasting through tomorrow (the 19th), so you'll want to jump on it.

Of course you can use this method to buy other stuff on Sweetwater (with a few exclusions) up to $2000 I think. I just thought I'd mention it in regards to software renewals, etc.
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