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Default Re: New to HDX....quite disappointed.

Originally Posted by KT Productions View Post
The HDX and the Native both have a gate array chip on board that is supposed to handle the mix bus (on HDX this is in addition to the DSP chips). Go anywhere that sells it (Sweetwater etc.) and you will find the following quote mere inches from the "Add to Cart" button:

"What's more, there's a separate FPGA processor for your mix bus, so all of your HDX card's DSP power is dedicated to running plug-ins."
(as I suspected earlier in this thread) I think somebody at Sweetwater is confused by the FPGA chip on a HD Native card that provides a mixer used for low-latency monitoring, and that has nothing to do with the mix bus inside Pro Tools. IIRC that is not even implemented on HDX... although there is a similar FPGA chip that provides glue functions on the board. If you purchased HDX from Sweetwater because of this mis-information I'd except them to look after you and provide a full refund.
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