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Default Custom XY Mapping of Joysticks

Let’s take a closer look at some of the extended functionality available on the Joystick Module available for both S6 & S4. In addition to panning mono or stereo elements within a channel-based (BED) mode or a Dolby Atmos (OBJECT) mode, each of the dual joysticks set into the Panner can be mapped to two different parameters (X & Y) by using any plug-ins or sends contained on the Attentioned track. The Joystick module receives incoming tracks from your attached Workstation through the process of simply Attentioning one or multiple tracks. The preference Assign Right Joystick Timeout is used when assigning multiple mono tracks from your Workstation. After this user-definable time period expires, pressing Attention for another mono track on the surface will simply replace the Left side panner. For this example, we are looking at a Stereo element - so it will automatically occupy both sides of the Joystick Panner.

The Assign X Assign Y switch located on each side of the Panner Module is used to map any touch sensitive parameter from the surface to either side of the Joystick Panner. Simply press Assign X Assign Y, which should flash and indicate on the OLED display that X is waiting to be assigned. Touch any encoder for a parameter from the vertical channel, docked Attention knobs on the Master Module or even a knob module in local expand or as a dedicated On Attention Knob Expand Zone. Repeat the same process for the Y parameter. Repeat the same process for the Right Side of the Panner. X & Y are independent for both sides of the Panner Module and can be addressed independently. Once the mappings are complete, you can toggle between standard Pan Mode and Custom Mapping mode by simply toggling each Assign X Assign Y button. As a visual reference, the pucks displayed in Custom Mapping mode will be drawn in Purple. Press Shift + Assign X Assign Y to write over the existing custom mappings.

Experiment with different combinations of parameter sets for creative manipulation of processing and mixing elements for targeted tracks on the Joystick Module.

Joystick Custom XY Mapping
Jeff Komar
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