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Default Master Post Module - Overview

Let's take a closer look at the Master Post Module option for S6 and S4 systems. The Master Post Module is a dedicated film-paddle style interface which allows users to populate the 10 locations with tracks and save groups of record tracks spanning multiple workstations within Post Layouts. Just like Track and Meter Layouts, these Post Layouts can automatically be saved back to the Pro Tools session by enabling the option under Settings > System - Auto-Load From Titles And Sessions, and ticking the Post Layouts option. Here's an image showing the overview of the controls on the module:

Let's first examine the process of accessing my dedicated Stem Recorder system and selecting tracks from that Pro Tools rig titled RECORD, and finally adding them to individual Post Layouts.

To get to the Stem Recorder, we are going to use Shift + WS to first access the Workstations page. Next, touch the RECORD workstation to Focus on the Stem Recorder so we can select the tracks to populate. Press the Tracks button to return back to the Tracks matrix view.

Hold Shift on the Master Module while touching Assign Post on the touchscreen. This will bring up the familiar destination track scroller at the bottom of the Tracks page interface, except now each of the track blocks will be labeled with Post 1 through X. Continue the process in exactly the same manner you use to create Track Layouts. While in Assign, first touch the desired tracks in the desired order, then touch the block on the bottom of the destination scroller to place them into the Post Layout. Touch Store and give your Post Layout a name. Press Store again to finalize. Continue collecting tracks from one or multiple workstations and populating them into Post Layouts. Empty track blocks can sometimes help break up views such as the first Post Layout which included VCA Master of 7.1.2 Beds and Objects for DX, MX and FX.

A few preferences to examine... From Settings > System under Auto-Load From Titles and Sessions it is recommended to tick both Post Layouts as well as the Post Module State - which restores any Linked or Locked tracks for the attached Post Modules.

From the Tracks > Local Options you can determine (just like Track Layouts) the number of Post Strips in Post Layout in addition to the behavior when multiple Post Modules are added to a system - either independent or Mirrored with the option Mirror Post Strips on Multiple Post Modules.

Finally, from the main Settings > User preferences, enable the option for Post Module Sends Record with Arm to have a Punch In on the Post Module trigger a Transport Record Arm command in Pro Tools. It is also recommended to enable Use Pro Tools Track Record Mode Colors so that the Post Module paddles reflect the primed or punched state when in Destructive Punch record mode.

Master Post Module

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