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Default Re: Compact function is broken!

Originally Posted by rafukyo View Post
the video you uploaded showed it works perfect. you removed inner parts of the clip then compacted it. go see the size of the file before compacting. you will see it was heavier. compacting removed the parts you deleted from the file. you can still use handles. record yourself counting from 1 to 10. then remove all the even numbers then compact. open handles see what you get.
Thanks! You are right and I'm an idiot I thought it works the way that there will be three files instead of one, but in fact it makes the original file smaller, deleting parts that are not in use and shuffling the ones you keep together next to each other. Somewhat strange to be honest, as then it becomes possible to still trim the edges of any of the clips and possibly create crossfades with newly recorded clips that might introduce unwanted sound in crossfades!

Looking further into this I found another weirdness, not directly compact related, but still a strange thing.. lets say we use the same recording as on my video. So I did the Compact, and now these 4 clips are in fact one file on my HDD. Lets say then I decided that I did not like any of these clips and want to delete them. So I do just that, delete them from the track, now track is empty but the clips are in my clips list. I select all and hit clear, but there is now only Remove available, not Delete. And that means, after remove, I have clean Clips list, but my Session Audio Files folder contains this originally compacted audio file. This means there is no way to be sure I have no unwanted audio files in the Audio folder of a session, and with busy recording sessions these can pile up and a lot. Fortunately Save Copy In function will not carry these files over, but that function is meant to be used when archiving. Would be good to be able to clean the Audio folder up from inside of a session.

There is one more thing, that is Compact related and I would call it an issue.

Often I get tracks for mixing, that are exported Stereo although they are Mono. So what that means is, I will import them to PT and Edit window as stereo, then use Split into Mono function. After that I select all the stereo clips and one(not needed-duplicate) side of the split stereo file sitting on mono tracks and delete them from edit window.

Now I go and do the usual, select unused, clear, select all, compact. This is in hope, that I now have only half of the HDD space used as I'm using only one side of the stereo file, but my test shows the stereo file will remain of the original size.

Here is a short screen capture of what I'm doing, please check, maybe there is again something I'm not aware of that should be done differently:
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