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Default Re: Premiere Pro AAF import Issue

Here's the quicksheet of notes an editor made for me to pass on after (another) troubled Premiere production. His final para I think was critical.


In terms of exporting AAFs, I just did the following:

File > export AAF > check ‘’breakout to mono’’ ENABLE and then everything is as it should be.

If you want to play with the available handles you can click on the dropdown menu next to ‘’Render’’ and change it to ‘’Trim audio files’’ after which you can input your desired handles on the embedded media.

The thing to be careful with is how you treat your audio in your edit, DON’T MERGE CLIPS, we synced the audio and video by creating multicam clips, then at the end of the edit we had to ‘’flatten’’ all the audio (and video) in the sequences before exporting the relevant files - this is done by highlighting al the multicam clips in the sequence, right clicking and going to ''multi-camera'' and clicking on ‘’flatten’’. This changes the synced audio from a synced clips to its original audio source and therefore is the correct file to embed in the AAF.


If you want to go down the rabbit hole, these threads howl pain:

I found working with standard EDLs via EdiLoad the most painless solution for a whole series that used PP.
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