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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019 !

Originally Posted by TNM View Post
It should not be allowed to talk in a language other than English in an English language thread.. I am really surprised the moderators haven't removed those posts as it's just SO incredibly rude.. beyond rude actually.

Avid can start a foreign sub forum or at least keep it to topics that have been started in something other than English.. It is just disgusting to have "private conversations" in a foreign language amongst a huge topic of English speakers.
Originally Posted by Emcha_audio View Post
It is being discussed as for a precedent.
Are you serious. This must be a joke.!

I directly switched back to english, when realizing, that meads have gotten me completely wrong in trying to tell him, that it might be of more help to be polite.
My english is pretty bad, so I thought i might find better words in german. He got it wrong anyway.
Yes I could have PMed him and will do so in the future. Or to be more precise i will just keep of trying anything like that on this forum at all.

How come you guys behave like that. What happened that everybody is so rude with each other. I was raised different and have never experienced such behavior in my private surrounding or at work. I am in this business for 20 years now. And always thought that soundguys are particularly nice, reasonable and rational. Time to change my mind.
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