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Default Re: Moving to S6 m40 from Icon

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
We just jumped from a D Control ES32 to ordering a S6 M40 9knob with 48 faders and as a studio here has an S6 M40 I had a weekend with that controller all by myself and it was a no brainer for us ( my two brothers and me ) so we were to go with a 24 fader or max 32 however as I have finally got one of my scripts for a TV Mystery Drama show approved ( i had written that story over 15 years ago ) which I been fine tuning for the past 10 years we went with 48 faders.

One of my wishes when I sold the script was to be the main score studio as I have put a lot of thought into the score for the scenes so we got rhe score job and thats why we went with 48 faders making mixing music both for the songs we sell and produce but most for the scoring of the show

So as to your question and thoughts I would definitely ask a studio who has one or a Vintage King etc if you can have a day mixing with the S6 before selling your D Control as the second hand value isnít great compared to what we paud for the S6. Thank God for write offs hehe

Let me know if you need any indepth info later as our S6 should be delivered and installed second week of january if all goes well.
Oh. That is great. I would lean towards a 48 fader m40 as well.
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