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Default Re: reFX Nexus3 Finally here Yayyyyyy

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
Looks like the upgrade will be $99. I'm glad to see they've gotten rid of the eLicenser dongle and you can activate online. Still, as you know, I've not had a good experience with reFX. I may not jump on this one.
You know my offer should you change your mind. Sorry to see more disgruntled people when I googled Nexus3 updates and some who been called Pirates by refx for having installer issues etc.

Don稚 know why they have soo much issues with users. We never had an issue and the update from Nexus2 to Nexus3 was great. The cloud looks up your expansion folder and updates All the expansions and installs NKS updates for all their libraries. We have em all (150-ish GB) ut it took 15 minutes or so to download all that and install so you can do everything in the cloud app now which is great.

Lotsvof awesome new sounds presets included in the updated library so no issues here atleast..

Let me know if you wanna do what i offered before as we still have that here
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