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Default 1 interface, 1 hard drive, only ONE firewire interface?

Howdy folks,

That should read, "only ONE firewire port?" oops.


"The late 2008 and early 2009 "unibody" MacBook Pro models have a FireWire 800 port, and no longer have a FireWire 400 port:

The FireWire 800 port on these computers is backwards compatible* with FireWire 400 devices, but requires one of the following configuration options:

1) FW800 port —> FW800 Drive (912 or 924 chipset) —> Out FW400 port on Drive —> Pro Tools LE FireWire audio interface

2) FW800 port —> FW800 to FW400 converter cable —> FW400 Drive (911 chipset) —> Multiple FW400 Drives (911 chipset) as needed for maximum track count —> Pro Tools LE FireWire audio interface"

Then, if you have a single firewire port on your laptop, you can run both the interface and the recording drive through it without issue?

This would be awesome. Otherwise I'll have to get a laptop with a firewire port and an express card 34 slot.

Thanks Gangstas,

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