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Default Re: ISA428 compatibility

Hi fantasytrashcan,

your ISA 428 should have 2 9-pin ports on the rear panel. The one labelled AES/EBU-SPDIF will give 2 SPDIF outputs for the 4 channels of your preamp.

Now, the good news is that if you make up a cable (I'm sure the manual mentions the pins layout of that 9-pin port), or if you don't know how to do it you ask a friend who can use a soldering iron to do it for you, you can send the output of 2 preamps digitally into your 882, up to 48KHz 24bit. into its SPDIF port.
The bad news is that, as you stand, there's no way you can do 96 or 192KHz, and even worse you're limited to only 2 outputs (either 1+2 or 3+4) from the Focusrite.

About the sample rate, your MIX system wouldn't do more than 48K anyway.

About the 2 channels limitation, the easiest way out (but not the cheapest) would be to replace the 882 with an 888|24.
In that case, you could connect (still from the 9-pin port of the Focusrite) 2 AES/EBU outputs to the AES/EBU inputs of the 888|24.

Uh, there's no way to replace the 882 with the ISA 428, by the way.

Good luck...
Marco Migliari
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