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Default Clip Effects

I've been using the clip effects on a bunch of small projects and its a great feature however;

1-be cool if bypass was the default -ie All clip effects default to an 'inactive' state.

2-I find the processing state visual impossible to read when I have lots of tracks or am zoomed out [Or when I am at the start of a clip that extends longer than the edit window] -a band or something around the clip would be clearer. It would be great to have the processing state display in edit window much clearer.

3-It would be great if clip effects were included when you export a 'clip group'

4-I find myself selecting a clip in the edit window then going to the clips bin and selecting "object select in edit window" often. -this is so that all of the 'other same' clips used in the timeline get the new settings -however the time line then plays from the first clip (unless I unlink the track and edit timeline selection) I find this clunky -it would be good to streamline the option to "edit clip effects for all same clips used in timeline" or "edit selected clip only" -I can see a bunch of easy ways to do this -perhaps a selector where the clip name is.

Just my thoughts thanks for the useful addition.

All the best


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