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Default Re: affordable Analog Mixer for Pro Tools 11

Originally Posted by Tom Graham View Post
If you are so inclined - pick up the new Tom Petty record "Hypnotic Eye" that was his first #1 record on the rock charts. It's a great sounding record and was done entirely digital: recorded on a Venue (and then overdubs and mixes all in the box on Pro Tools HD). No analogue summing.

You can even get it as a Blu Ray for full 24 Bit mixes and Surround Mixes. Which sounds amazing... I'll be publishing a blog post in the next day or so of my interview with mixer/producer.

If anyone left in music/rock could afford to use an expensive analog desk - it would be these guys, but they choose all the benefits of tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing and mastering with Pro Tools.
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