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Hi and Welcome

I can't see Avid doing much here as you have purchased thru a third party. Are they an avid prefered reseller and have you contacted your creditcard company to refute the payment?

I can send it to accounting but I would stay on the seller as they might have what you needed in the first place and can help if you buy the correct license.

Dont want to derail this thread but this should serve as a reminder to everyone who asks about online purchases and pm us if this and that sale would work for them. If you think it is too good a deal it probably is as a reinstatement which has been discontinued by Avid will be $299 if any online dealer still have them and a renewal is $199 for perpetual licenses and is basically the same prices everywhere except with some sellers dropping prices due to stock clearance or some other drop in price and also the conversion rates so please buy from approved Avid dealers you know as these things are difficult for Avid to help with since thats really not their fault but will escalate the issue and see what can be done.

Hang tight. And pleaae let me know what you did purchase and at what price and where.
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