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I have an education subscription for 2020 that runs out next month. I also have an older 10/11/12 perpetual ilok. I seen a deal online at retailer at the weekend to upgrade (reinstate) for a really cheap price my old to upgrade my 12.8. I was in a rush and purchased it. Went to register and it tells me to contact support. I then realised this morning it was perpetual extension and nod the reinstatement license. Couldnít believe I made such an error. Contacted the reseller, who are refusing to refund as it was a download - even though it has not been registered and does not work. Itís in their terms not to refund software download purchase. I will phone them back in the morning but they are woeful to deal with. They actually suggested I contact Avid to see they could they do a deal. Shout out to the mods, is there way round this. I paid by credit card also so may be able to do something. I worked in Pro Audio sales for years, I know where they are coming from but the code is unused and they are keeping my money. Please help if possible.
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