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Default Enabling Low Latency Monitoring mutes outputs - digi002 Rack


I have recently upgraded to PT10.3.2 on a MacBook Pro OS 10.7.2.

I currently am using a digi002 Rack interface.

When I enable Low Latency Monitoring, any record-enabled tracks are muted to both the main mix outputs (1-2) and the headphone out.

I was previously using the digi002 Rack with PT7.1, and Low Latency Monitoring always worked fine.

As fas as I can gather from reading the Reference Guide and release notes etc, the muting of outputs when using Low Latency Monitoring is a new 'feature' since PT 9 to allow the use of direct mix capabilities of third-party interfaces. And that if your interface does not have a software mixer (like the digi002 Rack) then LLM will not function.

Sure I can decrease the H/W buffer size for tracking, but that can be a whole other can of worms. I'd like to have LLM working in PT10 with the digi002 Rack.

Does anyone know if this is actually possible?


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