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Default Getting rid of excessive rendered files from elastic operations

Hello everyone. I started experimenting with elastic time/pitch comparing realtime VS rendered processing.

I noticed that once the "rendered" mode is enabled, even the slightest change made to a warped region, like trimming, cutting some of it, grouping warped regions, or even just moving them in time in the same track will render new files in the "Rendered Files" folder. After several edits and tweaking warps I closed my session, expecting that the "Rendered Files" folder would be updated accordingly. The file count decreased and I assumed that only the files related to the regions still having elastic properties were being kept.

I re-opened the session, removed all elastic properties on the track, chose to "revert" the regions to their normal state, then selected and cleared all unused regions and groups in the regions bin. Now my session had only un-processed, non-warped files; then saved and closed the session. To my surprise, the rendered files still remained in the folder.

Hard disk space is not a concern, but I imagine after hundreds of tweaks how this folder will become over-populated with audio files that don't belong to the session or to any "undo" operations.

I then did another test closing a session with rendered files, trashing every one of them and re-opening. It was nice to see that the dialog prompting to find missing files now has an option to "re-generate" all missing rendered audio. I chose it and well, the first time PT quitted unexpectedly half way into the "re-rendering", but I trashed what had been rendered already, re-launched PT and the second time it went pretty well.

So, is there another "safe" way to clean up the "Rendered Files" folder? I've trashed fade files before, but regenerating those takes significantly less time than regenerating elastic audio.

Any other methods?

Rodolfo F.
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