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Default Re: Digi 002 rack driver with Pro Tools 12?

Originally Posted by fearofbirds View Post
Looks like some Mac Pros from 2006 / 07 are going for about $AUD200, which seems OK. I guess something like this would work for Snow Leopard and Pro Tools?
If you stay with Snow Leopard and assumingly PTLE7/8 such a Mac Pro will work for sure. Just make sure it has got 4GB Ram at least (anything more will be appreciated).
If you intend to use any OSX higher than Snow Leopard (starting with the next OSX Lion) in the future you probably will have to replace the original graphic card with a more
powerful one as I have heard from many users.
Theoretically these Mac Pros are officially qualified for Pro Tools by Avid even up to Pro Tools 10 (which still even works with OSX Snow Leopard from 10.6.7 upwards). ...Mac Pro "Woodcrest" two Dual-Core 2.0, 2.66, 3.0GHz
The latest version of PT10, 10.3 will need Snow Leopard 10.6.8 obviously.

You will have to check out which version of Pro Tools to use finally. Just make sure to have enough Ram (4GB minimum, 8GB Ram let the system work more easily from my
own personal experience back in the days, even if it only was a 32bit system) and check out the graphic card issue if going higher than Snow Leopard then.

Whatīs cool with those is that you can use several internal drives which still is the best working solution for a Pro Tools system. And itīs quite affordable if you stay with
mechanical 7200rpm drives (HDDs). Even if I personally love SSDs, such a desktop Mac allows you to run 3-4 separate large 7200rpm hard drives for relatively less money
which is cool. So you can spread out all your audio files and sample libraries to several drives which again helps to ease the systemīs work and to improve itīs performance finally.
Maybe you know this anyway but Western Digital Black HDDs with 7200rpm are the recommended (and truly best) HDDs for the use with Pro Tools.
Something like this one.

Mac Minis are not that bad as well but thereīs just one model of them really useable for serious Pro Tools work which is the 2012 i7 Quad Core 2,3GHz or 2,6GHz maxed out with
16GB Ram and 1-2 7200rpm HDDs at least (SSDs preferred).
I had one of these and put in 16GB Ram and 2 SSDs which made this Mini fly indeed. Anyway they ainīt affordable like those old Mac Pros Iīm afraid and you will have to do a lot
replacement work by yourself to bring out itīs best possible performance.
If you would intend to use Pro Tools 11/12 later, such a Mini probably will be the better choice in the long run, if however you decide to stay with your 002 and former versions of
Pro Tools the 2006/7 1.1 Mac Pro will be the much more affordable and much easier to handle solution I think.

Wishing you again the best of success and lots of fun,

cheers, VRW
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