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Default Re: 11R SPDIF intermittent problems?

Jeffro - I'll check that next chance I get.

Mr Ramm, yes, simple as possible first. And it worked so immediately and so responsively (in regards to clocking the SP40 via the 11R master) that I went ahead and plugged in the second cable to see if I could use it in slave mode since my SP40 is on more often than the 11R. It worked great. I can now use my ADA8200 as the master over ADAT, the SP40 gets the clock (Max 48) and then the 11R gets 48 from the SP40. Things were running smoothly Monday and Tuesday. Today opening one of the same sessions that worked fine, suddenly doesn't work. Nothing has changed in my system or cabling.

Maybe boot order? Maybe I'm turning on the sp40 and 11r and the same time and the 11r boots faster, and is left orphaned without a master? Doesn't sound stupid, I'll play with boot order later and see what happens...
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