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Default Re: 11R SPDIF intermittent problems?

Right now I have it set with 2 cables, in/out, 11R is always slave and can't change clock setting on 11R, it auto changes when it receives new rate (from the SP40).

You're right, I did open a project, and that's how I discovered it. The project (in logic) automatically changed my SP40 (and mix control showed this) to 96k. That, in turn, sent the update to the 11R and it showed on the panel that 96k was the sample rate, but started the clicking business. I'm going to take a quick screen video later to show what I'm talking about, maybe someone can identify the correct technical terminology for what I'm seeing.

The weirdest thing is that it worked at 96 yesterday, when I recorded that logic session with the 11R!!! (To see how it functions in non-PT daws). I end up just powering down the 11R so the clicking will stop haha, it feels ridiculous that "production" hardware could be this finicky.
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