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Default Re: 11R SPDIF intermittent problems?

Originally Posted by jclark5093 View Post
This is with no DAW open, just jamming, monitoring through Mixcontrol software mixer, where i can change the sample rate manually.

I'm thinking I'll be doing sessions at 48 from now on anyway, but it's still odd...
Well you stated by saying when you "open a project..." so that was with a DAW. So you change the clock rate in MixContrrol.. and you are remembering to always change it on the Eleven Rack as well right (and setting the ER to Internal Clock)?

It is possible you have a system that has something broken at 96kHz. There are no known general problem with the Eleven Rack at 96kHz , but there could always be just a busted unit. You might check with your interface vendor for any known problems there. if you had any other device capable of receive or transmitting at 96Khz it would also be easy to debug which box is the likely problem here.

If you do end up needing/wanting to record at 96 kHz another test to try is to connect a second S/PDIF cable from the interface S/PDIF Out to the Eleven Rack S/PDIF In and try to get the Eleven Rack to clock from that. If the Eleven Rack S/PDIF Out or interface S/PDIF In ports don't work at all at 96kHz then it will still of course fail, but maybe an interesting test.
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