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Default Re: Pro Tools just bounces in the dock...

I also had Academic 7.3 and got the upgrade to M-Powered 7.4. If you got the upgrade email from Digi and downloaded the 7.4 license onto your iLok, you can download 7.4 here:

I'm running 10.4.11 on a Powerbook with 7.4 with no issues whatsoever. Just for good measure, I downloaded the latest 7.4 update, which is 7.4.cs3, I think. The CS3 update in on the Digi site under "Support and downloads." Just click on M-Powered for Mac and you will see the download section.

By the way, I didn't even have to run the pre-binding script. 10.4.11 and MP 7.4 are working fine on this machine, and worked without issue on the iBook G4 I just recently sold as well..

I'm not sure how to do that, make a new user account. Other than the Admin account I always use?

I last used PT about two weeks ago. Nothing had changed that I'm aware of, nothing of any significance anyway.

My fear is this: I was one of those who got the upgrade from the Academic 7.3 to the M-Powered 7.4. I'm loathe to reinstall the whole thing, and I'm not sure if the download for the 7.4 is still there in the first place, since it was said to be a limited time thing. Does anyone know if I should just do this and shut up about it, or should I keep messing with solutions for a while?
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