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Default Re: Venue Sc48 Question

Thanks for the replies.

I know you cannot automatically re-patch the inputs from FWX to stage, this is not what i'm asking or a hassle to do. I want to know how, if possible, to apply input gain changes back to the stage inputs so any changes i make to the input gain during virtual soundcheck with the FWX as my inputs will also affect my inputs when i revert them to stage inputs. When you switch to FWX the gain is automatically converted to 0db at the top of the input, if i wanted to reduce the gain to say 5db less than the gain i had when i recorded the audio i just take -5db from the input gain, easy! But its not so easy if i want the console to remember that i have made a change to the input gain when i revert to stage inputs so i have to manually write down the gain changes, revert to stage inputs and subtract or add the amount of gain i've written down for each corresponding channel. I know with HDX when you revert to stage from HDX it automatically asks you if you want to apple gain changes to the inputs. Its very time consuming manually making changes!!

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