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Default Re: In what area is Pro Tools REALLY lacking??

Originally Posted by XJENSEN View Post
Reading the last few comments, I think you're all missing an important point here. Maybe you won't be recording 32 tracks at the same time, but the thing is you just won't get access to physical input number #33, and above, which you may need. There's no way. This is a very realistic situation, e.g with ADAT capable interfaces where the total number of inputs can easily exceed 32.

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actually that is my issue with the 32 I/O limit. I wish they could set it to up to 32 not just the first 32.... still not enough for me to really find the energy to whine about it like the world of DAW's in Avid land is collapsing. the reality is although I'd love to have the ability...... but would in all reality very rarely if ever need it. unless I get into the business of recording orchestra's
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