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Default Re: Session file backups

I also find sometimes that ProTools is not always backing up every minute (I'm set the same, but with 99 backups) but not able to pinpoint the scenarios where it doesn't behave, although in my case, I would say this is fairly rare (but does happen!).

What IS happening for me, is that when ProTools DOES crash, the session file backup is usually very small compared to all the other backups, and is, of course, corrupt. It seems like the actual process of doing Session File Backups is what is CAUSING ProTools to crash...

I'm working on an internal cluster of 4, 4TB drives in a 'stripe of mirrors' config (basically, RAID-10) using Apple's software RAID. It's not high performance at all, but it gives me 2-out-of-4 disk redundancy. I don't need it to be high performance because I'm working from Disk Cache 99.9% of the time, and I like having big time reduncancy.

Is it possible that your situation is also caused by a potential bottleneck in the OS and disk access?

I'm considering my next move, which may involve a high performance 10GBit NAS...
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