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Default ilok issues - ProTools 9 crossgrade LE (Please install the iLok Client Software)

Hi Forum, I've been trying for the past day to authorize my iLok without any success.

Yesterday I purchaced iLok (2nd gen) & PT 9 LE crossgrade from my music store. Brand new shrink-wrapped, etc.


System: ProTools 8 user. Digi 002.
* Main reason for upgrade to use my ZedR16 with PT9.

My main studio PC (Win 7, 64bit, i7 processor, 12 gigs ram) is not connected to the internet, so I'm using my Laptop (Dell Studio XPS, Win 7 - 64bit) to try to setup my ilok.


I'm pretty sure I followed all the instructions correctly.
And I have tried this a number of times. Uninstalling & re-installing (on two different USB ports). I am NOT using a USB hub.

I work in product support, so I am fairly computer savvy, however,
if I have forgotten something I would welcome anyone pointing out my failings. I am running out of patience with this process.

Maybe this post can help other people experiencing similar problems.



I created an ilok account, downloaded and installed both iLok downloads for Windows (iLokClientHelperSetup & DriverSetup), restarted my computer and when I log into I click on "Connect an ilok now and add to account" and i get the following error messages:

Firefox v3.6 & v 6 (java enabled):
I can't remember what Firefox error was, but now the process causes Firefox to crash! It was something like enable jave, but I checked and java was already enabled.

Internet Explorer 7 & 8 (Active X installed):
Something about active X, but it is installed.

Google Chrome:
"Please install the iLok Client Software.
We have detected that required software for this site has not been installed. Please download and install the version for your platform."

Safari 4: * same error as Chrome.


More info:

* The iLok blue light does light up when connected to my computer, but I cannot see it in my file manager (like you would normal when a regular use drive is connected. I'm unsure whether or not this is normal, but thought I would mention it.

* Yes my iLok is connected to my computer when trying to authorize.

* yes, I've also authorized PT9 on account and sent the code to my ilok account. I can see my PT9 license on the ilok website.

* I also tried doing all of this on another Windows XP laptop, with no luck.
I kept getting an error that the ilok website was experiencing problems.


Needless to say, this is driving me nuts. :)

Can anyone please help?
Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks everyone,

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