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Default Re: A request to increase efficiency

I wouldn稚 be giving any client in our studio an iPad with EuControl on it, that could be asking for trouble. I use it personally or under certain recording situations when recording myself. The only iPad controller I give clients is one that is connected to my TF5 that allows them to set their own monitor mix via their dedicated AUX send. And a lot of the time the clients download the app to their smartphones. I have a seperate app that can control the whole TF5 which I use when doing a live shows and the TF5 is located back or side of stage.

However I do agree with the sync thing, this newer version seems a lot more stable than the previous version... but then I致e only used it yesterday for about 6 hours without any issue. It would be nice if PT could send those prompts to the iPad in any case... although I didn稚 encounter that issue yesterday but have in the past.

Originally Posted by john1192 View Post
while Main Avid works on that .. we then need thia to compliment ..

when using Pt |Control, how many times have you walked into a recording space, recording by yourself, or standing next to a client that is singing or playing for you .. and you have your ipad and nothing is working, it is like it Freezes up .. BUT actually there is a Silly Dialpog Box on your Main Screen that you CANNOT SEE on the ipad .. walk back in and dismiss it .. and hopefully get to work ..

not trying to be a hijacker, just a complimentary need to the pre-load Boxes the OP mentions, fully support that !!!

cheers john
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