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Default Re: Working directly off NAS?

Originally Posted by Goombot View Post
I’m sure this topic has been covered but has anyone recently been using any "at home" NAS systems that work well with ProTools? I was looking at getting a Synology NAS for backup but ideally I'd like to work off it as well if that is an option these days. I know there is a Nexis but what about someone at home who doesn't really need all that.
The thing is you don't have to ask, you can search for what people write here about stuff.

e.g. google Synology

Personally I would not work off a low-end NAS. Don't see the attraction. Not when modern PCIe/NVMe SSDs are so much faster, and more reliable, incl. because they are just simpler and you can run off an internal NVMe drive and not need not worry about fragile cables etc. And then a NAS makes a fantastic backup/version backup box.-- but do *not* rely on a NAS as an ultimate archive/backup. And don't assume RAID 1/5/etc. makes anything reliable to trust by itself... so how would you backup the NAS box if it's your primary session storage? Has your backup device now become your single point of failure. You really want multiple separate backups/archives, ideally in multiple different formats in multiple different locations, ideally at least one off-site (cloud storage may be a good option for that).

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