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Default Re: Basic panning fundamentals, using math without heavy math

Originally Posted by snowplaysmusic View Post
Two stereo tracks, each with "Take A" in both channels. One stereo track is hard panned <100 and 100> and the other stereo track is centered 0 and 0. Why does the centered track sound louder?
It has to do with your Pan Depth setting in the Session options under Setup. From the Reference Manual:

Stereo Pan Depth
Pro Tools lets you select the pan depth for stereo
output paths. You can set the Pan Depth in the Session
Setup window. The Pan Depth setting lets you
set the amount of signal attenuation when a track is
routed to a stereo output and panned to center.

To set the stereo pan depth:
1 Choose Setup > Session to open the Session
Setup window.
2 Select an option from the Pan Depth selector.
Stereo Pan Depth Options

The following Pan Depth options are available:

–2.5 dB The standard stereo pan depth setting in
Pro Tools 8.0.x and lower. When opening
Pro Tools 8.0.x or earlier session in Pro Tools 8.1
and later, this is the default option.

–3.0 dB The industry standard pan depth for surround
mixers and many consoles. This is the default
setting for new Pro Tools 8.1 and later sessions.

–4.5 dB The standard pan depth for many
British analog consoles.

–6.0 dB The standard pan depth for full mono

I just recorded a sine wave to a stereo track, panned them both center and it was perceived louder with a Pan Depth setting of -3. Changed it to -6 and it sounded the same panned out or center. -3 is the default for Pro Tools.
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