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Default Multi-input mode broken

Hi all

I installed PT2018.7 on Mac OS 10.12.6 earlier and have noticed that multi-input mode in Audiosuite no longer works as it did in previous versions.

Previously, when rendering or analyzing two mono tracks simultaneously, it would get treated as stereo by the plugin. Likewise, 6 mono tracks rendered/analysed in multi-input mode would get treated as 5.1 by the plugin.

In 2018.7 this is no longer the case. Multi-input mode behaves as mono mode. This is a problem when analyzing or rendering multi-mono mixes.

So for example: I have a surround mix with the L C R Ls Rs LFE each on their own mono tracks. I want to do a loudness analysis using iZotope Insight. In older versions of Pro Tools this would not be a problem, Insight would pick up each track correctly and analyze the 5.1 mix. Now in PT 2018.7 it only analyzes in mono, even though the plugin is set to multi-input mode.

Another example is sending a selection of two mono dialog tracks to iZotope RX 6 using their Connect plugin (set to multi-input mode). Previously it would load as stereo within RX 6 but now in 2018.7 it loads as two separate mono files.

I am a "vanilla" user and do multi-mono surround mixes.

Can anyone else confirm this Audiosuite behavior?

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