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Default Crackle, Loud Beeping before crash

don't downgrade OS X yet.

When you are in front of the computer next get all the disk drive specs. a dedicated drive for audio/session... what you are supposed to have to run Pro Tools, not the boot/system drive like you are doing. With a HDD this can easily be an issue, with a modern SSD dedicated drives are no longer needed. Your old iMac won't have one of these super-fast PCIe SSD so you really should have a dedicated drive. And you are stuck the. With needling to find a FireWire 800 external drive. All this tells me you have not paid attention to systems requirements, likely have not properly optimized the computer, etc. Now what is causing this current problem.... ah who knows, but now you need to step back, get things set up properly and then systematically work through troubleshooting stuff. But post more clear details here, of the system and sessions you are trying to run, that will help people give you useful advice, including if it's worth spending more money on what you have or not. And I suspect you mean 3.06 GHz, which means a Core i3 processor (... again give clear info please), and that is easily underpowered for complex sessions.

If it is worth spending more money on this iMac, then I would replace all DIMMs with matched DIMMs, same exact vendor/model.

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