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Default Re: A Modest Proposal, to the Pro Tools Community

Originally Posted by JCBigler View Post
Since Avid is now offering support plans, I would like to offer this modest proposal to the Community of Protools Users:

That we should no longer offer support or technical advise for Protools on this, or any other web forum. Instead, we should encourage Protools Users to buy a support plan and contact Avid with their troubleshooting requests.

Since Avid is banking the income they get from support plans, they should also have to expend the financial and man power resources to deal with those issues themselves and not have them offered for free by the Community.

So, from here on out, any question about a troubleshooting issue or system incompatibility, or possible bugs should only be answered by directing that person to use their Avid Support Plan, or to buy an Avid Support Plan.
The best way IMO to get fast and profound support, is THIS very forum. It costs nothing and hurts nobody and has been a great source for lots of debates and support incidents. Why none and void such a great resource.

If anything, we should all rally up and encourage AVID to actually READ this forum. If Protools would incorporate the feedback and ideas of this forum, the entire world would be using Protools !
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