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Default Re: MBox 3 Lights flashing

I've spent two days on this and have made no progress.

The problem machine here is running XP SP3.

The mbox 3 works fine on two other computers. One is running XP home SP3 and the other is running Windows 7 professiona 64 bitl.

A mbox 3 pro works fine on the problem machine.

I have completely uninstalled all drivers & pro tools. I checked the registry to make sure that everything was gone. There were some drivers hiding in the prefetch folder but I got rid of them too. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the USB drivers. No joy.....the light show just keeps going on.
Another thread here suggests getting a card for the USB ports.

I will try that and report back in this thread. That is going to take a few days but I will keep hacking at this. I just don't get it.....this machine used to work ok with the mbox 3. Maybe a Microsoft update has done this.....I don't know.
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