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Default Re: 9129, 9092, 9093 errors

Originally Posted by Jack Ruston View Post
I sometimes get a few in the space of five minutes and then none for a week or two. It's usually in low CPU usage situations.
This is a complete guess, but I'm wondering if this might be an issue caused by SpeedStep?

It's been a known issue for Ableton users (including myself) for a while.

I'm not a PT Native user so this is just a hunch (perhaps AVID tech support could confirm from the error numbers...?), but with Ableton the problem manifests itself with audio dropouts which last about a second. I'm wondering if PT handles it by stopping, and giving the errors you describe.

I was having these issues, and contacted Ableton Tech Support.

Their answer was entirely related to hyperthreading (which is the root cause of the SpeedStep issue).

In essence, when the CPU is under low load, SpeedStep actually reduces the speed at which the CPU is cycling.

For i5 and i7 processors (but not CoreDuo apparently) this leads to the dropouts i described... Ableton are in the process (it's already public Beta) of releasing a fix for this specific issue.

I have absolutely no idea whether this is also present in the MacPro (as I believe SpeedStep is an energy saving protocol for laptops), but I wonder if it is something similar creating the issues you describe?

For Ableton, the (rather clumsy) solution has been to run Coolbook ( and up the load on the CPU to keep it cycling at a continuously higher rate.

I may of course be way off the mark, in which case ignore me...!
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