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Default 9129, 9092, 9093 errors


I know there aren't many of us out there running HD Native. I know some people are getting these and some not. I sometimes get a few in the space of five minutes and then none for a week or two. It's usually in low CPU usage situations.

I have a theory that they crop up when the system is set to play system sounds through HD Native hardware. I might be completely wrong of course.

I did once open a session that wouldn't play at all without giving the errors. Changing the loop cable fixed it immediately. Confusing.

If anyone else has any ideas it'd be good to hear them.

I'm on an 8 core Westmere with an Omni and an HD 16 16. 10.6.6 (if that's the latest supported version) 9.02.

Tech support, what ideas do we have about this? What can we try?

The problem is that for me at least, it's so infrequent that I can't troubleshoot it very easily. I would like to understand it though, so that I can avoid it.

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