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Default Re: Are Digidesign TRYING to loose their customers??

What I don't understand is why the upgrades? Who needs 8 cores anyway..
Who needs a 64 bit os? Who needs more than 3Gb of Ram?
Who needs Win7 anyway, or Vista, or XP, or Win2000, or Win98...?

What I mean is that since technology always is on the move and companies like Microsoft and Apple continually upgrade their OS Digidesign can't really stay behind now can they?

I think it is total bulltish that people nag about having to pay for an upgrade.. What else would you expect? My first (windows) computer came with 3.1. Now I'm at Win7, in between are at least four different, major, 'upgrades' which I had to pay for all of them... Not even to mention the amounts of €€ that went into upgrading motherboard, cpu, memory, harddrives, etc.. And not to mention all the small upgrades in between... And this is all normal stuff, nobody nags about this.

Why doesn't Intel give me their new upgrade cpu? I already bought an i7, now I want the new one that comes out in a while.. I mean, everyody finds that strange..

So in short, stop b*tching Digidesign for having us pay for the upgrades. If you don't want to pay, stick to Win XP, a mere 3 Gb of Ram and PT 7.4. I don't really care.

(Oh, and I'm on i7, 6Gb ram, Win7 64 bit, 002R, PT 8.0.3 w/ 64 bit beta drivers and it's running like I never seen it before..! Man, this thing is smokin'..)
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