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Default Re: Pro Tools 9 Technical FAQ - Solutions to common problems

List of known issues with Pro Tools 9.0.5

Pro Tools intermittently blocks playback - from the 9.0.5 Read Me (please download the Read Me for additional known issues). Occurs on Lion:



Issues with Izotope Nectar, RX and Stutter Edit plug-ins:

There is a known issue with the above Izotope plug-ins. Izotope has beta versions available which you can get by emailing Izotope directly at: support [at] izotope [dot] com

No preview when dragging automation, fades or regions:

This is an issue discovered after release of 9.0.5. and occurs on Lion only, usually only when using a 2 monitor setup and stretching the window across multiple monitors.

MIDI Output selector opens slowly:

Clicking on the output selector of a MIDI or Instrument track may experience an extended delay in showing all available output options. Occurs on Mac and Windows.

Import audio window:

The 'S' and 'P' keys will not work in the search window. Occurs on Mac.

Intermittent distortion during playback:

Disabling "Minimize Additional I/O Latency" in the Pro Tools Playback Engine should resolve this issue.
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