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Default HD3 3rd card not recognized

I just got a new 2.93Ghz nehalem and want to transfer my PTHD3 in it from and older Mac Pro woodcrest. Accel card 3 in slot 4 is not recognized. It works well in the old system no problem at all with the flex cable. I did re-install PT8 from scratch.
Usually I get error -1123 which pertain the a bad flex cable but I know mine works.
I have painstakinlgy instal and re-install the cards between the 2 computers since the last two days with all combination that I can think of (I was a software developer so I can me pretty inventive while testing computers).
But I must admit temporary defeat so I ask for help. Even a simple hello would be appreciated it is snowing over a foot of snow outside in New Jersey now....
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