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Default Need help converting 4 stereo Adat inputs to 8 mono inputs.

I have the MOTU 8Pre usb set up as a slave unit to the 828mkiii audio interface in pt12.5. The issue Iím having is that in the I/o in pro Tools, it shows that the default setup for the 8Pre Adat inputs is 4 stereo inputs with 2 individual l&r monos each rather than 8 separate mono tracks, in other words the optical outs appear to be set up and lumped together in pairs by default (ie Adat Optical 1-2, Adat Optical 3-4 and so on). Screenshot attached for reference (not sure why the screenshots appear so low quality on here).

Question is, how do I change this to be 8 separate mono tracks, so that for example when I record on adat channel 1, itís not also recording on adat channel 2?

For further specs, im on PT 12.5 on Mac laptop OS 10.11.6. As mentioned, my main audio interface is MOTU 828 mkiii
and slave preamp unit is MOTU 8Pre USB (the newer usb version, not the older FireWire version). I have the two Motu units connected via ADAT expansion, with the 8Pre as the slave unit.



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