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Default Re: Favorite Aqua Plugins

Agreed:) they are a bit weird but getting better each year.
Nebula was a mess ( a beautiful sounding one). Their registration was horrible. But now the have Aquarius. They updated their website recently etc. they are learning. I really do believe they soon will be a real problem for UAD.

I mostly use AA plugins on busses or 2 track so delay and cpu use is no problem for me. I also just freeze/commit. But I get your complaint.
But I would much rather have a hi quality, with much cpu use-scenario than the opposite.
That being said, I have often been very impressed with UBK stuff (as you mentioned)

To OP: I donít remember which pultec eq was the ďmagic oneĒ. Use your ears:).
Or go for the diamond eq. Itís great.

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