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Default Re: Pro Tools 9 on Snow Leopard or Lion??

Thanks Janne

I am hoping to buy the iLok from a moderator on here called Tom but not heard from him in a couple of days. Hopefully he will get in touch about it tomorrow.

Tom did say that according to iLok the licenses cannot be transferred. So he says he can send the iLok only.

"Without change of ownership your license is sold as-is and works as long as you can use those versions, not any longer."

When you say "not any longer" Janne, what do you mean?

I will not be going past 10 for a long time yet. This is a huge jump for me from 5.1.3 on OS9 straight to 9 or 10 on a Mac Pro.

There are some plugins that I use mainly Soundtoys V4 that only works on PTHD 9 and above. I am looking forward to using the Soundblender plugins on a HD rig as they were my faves on my PT Mix system.
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