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Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Simple as a bad sample. One of the edited sample clips in Superior Drummer 3 must have a cymbal in it and they should have removed that sample. Wouldn't be the first time sample libraries missed a bad sample. If you can find the bad sample, many sample playback engines allow you to remove it from being played/mapped. I can't tell if you can do this in Superior Drummer but since you can import your own samples, it should be possible.

If there are options for "round robin" or randomized sample playback, turn them off so the same samples trigger each time.
Could be the cymbal only shows at certain velocity levels or range of velocity levels. I don't know about SD3 but East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold in some of the string samples at certain velocities you hear people talking in the background, noises in the samples (the hall where they recorded the samples - Benaroya Hall in Seattle - sits right over the subway).

The op doesn't say what kit piece he's playing that has the phantom cymbal but I'd start looking at kick then snare and lastly toms (rack & floor). Also turn off any overhead and room mics and just use any direct mics on the kit pieces.
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