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Default Re: Avid S1...I am excited!

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
At the moment it only works with the Dock (the testing matrix is already so big) As we get nearer the release we can see if that would work.
Thanks Eddie, and yes, please please "see" if that S1 / MC Transport Combo would work!

Sure, I do understand that Avid would prefer selling me a new Dock.
However the Dock is rather the successor of the MC Control than the MC Transport. Especially with a S1, I'd never use the Dock's Fader, iPad holder and rotary encoders anyway. And the latter make the Dock IMHO just too big and too expensive.

Therefore I guess I'm not the only one who thinks that MC Transport + S1 would be an awesome combo worth getting supported!

... or then, bring us a _real_ MC Transport successor , maybe some "Dock Light": Just the transport buttons, the wheel (+ bring back the shuttle ring?) and some buttons controlling what the wheel does. The result should take less space on the desk, fit next to a S1 (magnets) and have a price tag around 1/3 of the S1 (similar ratio as Transport vs Artist Mix).
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