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Default Re: Mojave breaks DADman software

Originally Posted by Johnny Hulst View Post
Thats like blaming the messenger... mail direct to the dad guys, their the ones who program the gui.
I'm sorry, but the MTRX boxes are rebranded under Avid, and Avid handles the support/warranty on the MTRX boxes vs DAD handling the support and warranty on the AX32's.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken, I believe I read that DAD branded cards won't work in an MTRX and Avid branded cards won't work in an AX32 due to the above reason of the companies handling the support and warranty separately, even though they are essentially the same box and same cards.

When Avid made the decision to partner with DAD and began selling DAD boxes under the Avid brand, they took this on, and it's just as much their fault as it is DAD's for not having software that works properly on current OS's.

This isn't cool to those of us who have invested in an MTRX, or even larger, an Avid S6 which relies on the MTRX for all of it's routing and monitoring.

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