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Default Re: To HEAT or not to HEAT?

There are alot of alternatives to heat... Cranesong (the creator hof heat) has his own plugin line...Phoenix 2, Ra, Peacock...which are also aax DSP.
I use them very often and they have a great quality. Then there is Slate VCC, Softube Harmonics, Sonimus Satson and Britson. McDsp Analog channel and more... I own Waves NLS, but i donīt use it. I think, there are better alternatives...

I still use Heat for mixing sessions (Audio Tracks only).... There is a workaround to use it with Instruments tracks. You route the Ins Tracks to Audio Tracks and activate input monitoring on the audio tracks. Then the instrument track routed to the audio track use Heat, thanks to the imput monitoring on the target audio track...

It works, but is not the fine way.

I hope, Avid reworks Heat, that it works with Instruments, Aux and co Tracks...
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