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Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
BTW see this.

I knew similar things had been talked about you others. Even if that was PT11, still worth thinking about.

I've experienced this as well. I would get the error a few sec after I hit play then I usually would not see it again until I restarted Protools. Session size or plugin count didn't seem to have any affect on the error popping up. I didn't think much of it because It only happened in the beginning. With each upgrade it started happening more so I too had began to look into it a solution but no luck yet. I have tried pretty much every suggestion I could find but I will keep looking. It happens more on my 2010 MP than it does on my 2013 MBP. Still not a huge deal to where it totally disrupts sessions but it's bug me sometime so I will look for a solution in spare time.

on another note,
I just upgraded the MBP to Mojave and I got the "Protools Not Compatible" pop-up during install and all I could do was giggle and say Noooooo! lol.

But once Mojave was installed Protools 2019 loaded and seem to run fine. However, I opened the Protools Expert test and it would not play(cpu spikes & repeated -6101 errors). I ended up making every single track inactive and it still would not play. Buffer was at 64. Opened a different session and it played fine.
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