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Default Error 9093?

I am getting a lot of 9093 errors in PT 2019. I am on a 12 core Mac Cheesegrater 5,1 with 96 gigs or RAM. Using Sierra OSX. The entire session is disk cashed so I am reading all audio from RAM. Audio and video reside on different drives (video is on an internal SSD and it is NOT the systems drive).
I am using Pro-Res Proxy 1920X1080. My computer has been fully optimized as suggested by Avid and I do not run any VI. I also do not have any air plugins installed and the plugins that I do have are up to date. It seems that every time I want to play the film from start to finish (or record master audio outputs to tracks) I get the error after about 5minutes of play back or recording to track. I never had this error under PT 11. My disk cash is at 20 gigs, and indicates 'green' the entire timeline is cashed. The buffer is at the highest (1124 I think is the number) so I can not make t nay higher. Starting play back or record, backing up a few frames and resuming operation solves the problem as operation continues but it is a pain to deal with especially when recording to track and the tracks are recorded with a punch in and then have to be re-rendered to get glued back onto a single file, so it is a waste of time, if I am doing 6 X 5.1 stems M&E, Master, DialoGUe, Music, SFX, backgrounds, and a few stereos).
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