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Default Re: Why aren't hardware devs taking AAX seriously?

Originally Posted by TNM View Post
That doesn't make sense.. Pro tools is fantastic for EDM composition, i would know, i've been composing EDM since i was 18 (now 45 in a few days), started on cakewalk DOTS lol, went to logic, cubase, sonar, used them all, even learned DP9 for 30 days.. All i did for the 30 day demo was spend 8 hours a day on it learning it backwards.. and Pro tools midi ROCKS and is totally unfairly bashed..

I don't think our user base is that small...I think it's actually a lot bigger than people realise. almost every video of even a plugin review i see on the tube is using pro tools.. it has more free tutorial videos than anything else..
I think we are many in number. Lastly.. i don't see how things like an integra are only suited to electronic music.. that's a rompler with some very realistic sounds for acoustic stuff.
Firstly, my generalisation that synths were only for Electronic Music was simply that - a generalisation. Obviously other forms of music incorporate synths, samplers, drum machines etc.

I too have been composing Electronic Music since my teens (now 39). Heck, my first release came out when I was 18!!

The reason I said what I did, is because of real world experience from talking to people in my industry. Hardly any of them use Pro Tools for composition. I regularly do lectures at SAE and the looks I get from them when I open up a Pro Tools session to deconstruct a song is priceless. It usually spurs a 15 minute conversation as to why I use it over Ableton, Logic etc.

Also, please note that I NEVER said Pro Tools was not great for Electronic Music production. You asked for a discussion and I gave you a very valid reason as to why these devs aren't providing AAX support - the user base isn't there for them to justify the time and resources. Couple that with the fact you have to pay to develop AAX plugins which AFAIK is not the case with AU/VST and you've pretty much got the answer you seek.

One thing to note though is that there are a LOT more AAX plugins than there were RTAS. So many smaller developers are now supporting AAX when they NEVER supported RTAS. Perhaps in the future some of what you seek will come.
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